5/16/2018 12:00:00 AM

The 13th session of the conference series hold by The UNESCO Chair


The subject:"Economic culture of the data sharing"

Presented by:Mr.Ebrahim Mohseni Ahooei

PhD student in the new media and communications studies, University of Vienna

The 13th session of the conference series hold by The UNESCO Chair

Brief introduction of the presentation

Beyond the technological trend, the “data sharing” is the matter of a new economic paradigm. In fact, the data sharing can be considered as a two-dimensional economic revolution. The first dimension of the revolution is to be explained by the replacement of data instead of information and the second one is the new phase of the neo-liberal economy which is based on the use of the economic mechanisms in a collective appropriation of resources. Similar to all other revolutions, the data sharing has created and is developing its own mechanisms, values, and ideology.


The objectives of the presentation are:

1. Showing the economic implications of the data sharing

2. Talking about the cultural and ideological stimuluses of the development and extension of the economy of the data sharing

3. Establishing a claim in the field of data protection as a public right


In addition to the value of knowledge generation through the recognition of the mechanism of economic culture of the data sharing, the presentation indicates the contained and considered opportunities and threats in the mechanism.