5/16/2018 12:00:00 AM


We are pleased to inform that the first issue of the Journal of Cyberspace Policy Studies was launched in January 2017. This English-language journal which is published by the University of Tehran aims to contribute to a reinvigoration of the interdisciplinary intersections of cyberspace policy studies, culture and cyberspace and internet literacy


. It publishes original academic and applied research and debates and discussion of the highest standard and of robust relevance with in the field of 'cyberspace policy studies'. Dr. Mohammad Marandi is the Director of Charge and Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli is the editor in Chief.

The first issue of the Journal includes the following articles:

*Dual Spacization of Cultures: Problematization of Cyberspace and Cultural Matters

Saeid Reza Ameli

*O Brave New World: The Dark Side of Cyberspace

Arthur Asa Berger

*Online Community and Democracy

Andrew Feenberg

*The Impacts of Global Inequality in Social Networks: Examined in Three Major Theories

Mehdi Mohsenian Rad

*Culture, Lifestyle and the Information Revolution in the Middle East and Muslim World

Jon W. Anderson

*A Reflection on Shaping the Virtual Space Based on Religious Values

Saeedeh Babaii; Mostafa Taqvi

*Social Media and Politics: Examining Indonesians’ Political Knowledge on Facebook

Hamideh Molaei

The second issue of the Journal will be published in June 2017. Those who are interested in the field of cyberspace studies are welcomed to submit their papers through the journal website: