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Bluetooth Virtual Community: Formation & Functions

Publish Date : 6/20/2016

Bluetooth Virtual Community: Formation & Functions
No one is alone. Opposite of this sentence isn't wrong, either. Nowadays communication technologies and networks are anytime in anywhere. We are not alone, but don't mean that anyone would be with us. You are sitting on the train. All passengers are near to you, but they aren’t compeer with you. You turn on your Bluetooth of mobile and press search button. You can see other people who their Bluetooth is on. You don't identify them. They don't identify you, but all of them can connect together by the ordinary wireless technology: Bluetooth. "Bluetooth Virtual Community" is created in such space. This research shows Bluetooth can play roles more than data transferring. Therefore Bluetooth can be a tool that makes it possible for the user to organize his communication in unknown social networks without being identified. In this research, we have tried to express this function and its effects.

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